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Assassins Go Shopping


Encased Assassin

When a female ninja is encased with black nylon, she determined to commit the mission and devoted her life. Her enemies have no empathy to her and play her dead body in a non-stop way. This is her destiny.

Ref: Heroine Universe Nylon Fantasies

Nightmare begins

The nightmare of a female ninja begins when her outer clothes is ripped off and her inner black bodystocking is exposed. In the other words, her real identity of Kunoichi has been uncovered. Her enemy will do nothing but cruel torture to her in an extent no general human being can suffer.

Secret Scroll

Ninja chronicle is a secret scroll. In legends, the chronicle could give ninja power to its owner. It was hidden inside virgins of female ninjas who wore black bodystocking. In order to take over the scroll, an enemy would torture a caught kunoichi as hard as he could so that her body would eject the secret herself without damage. This was how her strength eventually caused her ultimate suffrage.

Likewise, a very fundamental constitution which was planned to give autonomy to a rich island has eventually turned to her ultimate bondage. The nightmare never ends.