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Unmask my mind

I had been a typical girl until I decided to act as a female assassin. I dressed up with black tight bodystocking and masked myself with black veil. I knew, my destiny of being a female assassin had been written.

I showed off with a secret weapon. I planned to attack an enemy with shock.

Unfortunately the enemy skipped quickly and fought back. He kicked me down and his sword was heading me.

I stared at the sword and made no action.

The sword cut through my throat. I was shocked with all of sudden.

My body fell down. I underestimated my mission and it paid my life.

Come on, my dear enemy. You could play my veil, my nylon, my butt, my teat, my whole body. No empathy to a female assassin in black.

Street Fighter in Four Player Version

Hong Kong comics had golden era in the last century, along the dominance of Japanese comics in Asia. There were many comic masters with passions to create or copy various topics. Street Fighter which has ever been the most popular video game is certainly a very hit topic of comics in many regions including Hong Kong. You can't imagine how many comics and stories of Street Fighter were created in Hong Kong.

A Japanese blog described Street Fighter comics of HK version at here.

The blog said it was common to have Chun Li vs Honda in comics around the world.

What's surprising, the topic showed up in a children oriented magazine. The magazine is called Children Weekly Extra 號外兒童周刊. The magazine's founder is a well know political activist John Shum 岑建勳 (and as you know he is well related to today). The comics series is called Street Fighter in Four Player Version 四打旋風. The comics did not show mature drawing which is uncommon in children magazines but also forecasted the futur…