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When time gone by

When time passes by, it never turns back. When a woman turns older, she cannot become younger. When a kunoichi becomes an old ninja, she is still a female ninja and is still encased with black pantyhose. Her ending is the one and only one. Her destiny is death in pantyhose.

A Kunoichi is always encased with black pantyhose.

Being a professional ninja, a Kunoichi keeps smiling and friendly manner to her lord.

Kunoichi are ready to fight and die for their missions.

Advertisement Ninjutsu

Kunoichi Ninjutsu is a fantastic magic which no one can easily defense. Corporations know it very clearly and send their female ninjas wearing black pantyhose to attract their potential customers. Pantyhose is everywhere, who can escape from the fishnet?

The following are some examples of a Japanese Office Automation company's Kunoichi Fishnet.


A female ninja loves to wear black bodystocking but she does not disclose her real identity. She hides the black tight under casual clothes and shows when a mission comes. Right, she finally acts herself truely with encasement of black pantyhose.

Variation of Female Assassins

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Who is ANYONE?

After Completely Cover was posted last month, by chance, Hong Kong Fire Service Department has just demonstrated his new hero "Anyone" who wears complete spandex or Zentai.

Who is exactly ANYONE?

Could she be a female commercial spy agent who works at office everyday?

Could she be a female hacker who sits behind your computer every night?

Anyway, after the trend of black pantyhose, Zentai becomes another wave of Kunoichi Culture Attack from Japan to Chinese cities.

Forever Punishment

I’m a female spy agent. It's just another day of my mission. I'm encased in sheer nylon, black body stocking,  a tight leather corset, high heels and black veil, and finally lot's of rope, when I’m caught.

The enemy has me bound to an ottoman with my legs spread and a hitachi tied in place against my pussy. The web of rope he's created has me completely helpless and although I'm doing my best to struggle it's pretty useless. The vibrator is on a timer that goes off every 60 seconds, bringing me right to the edge of orgasm before shutting off again. This really is cruel and unusual punishment! As soon as I get to the edge of euphoria it shuts off, making me so frustrated I want to scream - which of course I can't do because I have a ball gag in my mouth!

Finally the executor takes pitty on me and leaves the hitachi on causing wave after wave of forced orgasm me making moan and scream through my gag. To make my predicament more helpless he adds some nipple cl…

Belly Punching

When a female ninja is caught by enemies, the enemies never miss out any direction of punishment. Stand from her back, screw her backhole. The other punches her belly in non-stop way. How can she suffer from pain to pain?

Completely Cover

A female spy agent wears completely black bodystocking or zentai spandex to cover her body. This is not enough. She continues to mask herself with black veil. Her whole body is covered with black nylon. Black nylon is the second skin of a female spy agent.

Perfect Shot

No female ninja can escape from being shot, once she wears black pantyhose without underpants.

Dead in Pantyhose

No one shows empathy to a lady wearing black pantyhose. She is considered as evil and fatal. She is a female ninja, a spy agent, an assassin, a cat burglar or just called Kunoichi. She understands her destiny and feels honorable to be killed when dressing black pantyhose. This is her only fate.

Female Spy Agent died at Office

[Fiction] Shadow Dance

[Fiction] 影之舞












Assassins Go Shopping