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Her name is Little Six. She pretended to be a slave girl working in a noble manor but she was actually a female spy agent. She dressed black tight suit and masked herself by black veil at night. Could she still survive in her next mission?

I have decided

When a female ninja picks up black veil, she understands this is a point of no return. For the mission, for Kunoichi's destiny, they decide, to die.

Round 1, FIGHT!

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Death is preservation of a female assassin.

Destiny of Kunoichi

Masuda Chiho 増田千穂 looked like a typical girl but she was actually a female ninja. She used to wear black bodystocking under her clothes.

One day, she got a mission. Being a Kunoichi, she did not reject any mission request, even if she had to sacrificed her life. She dressed up ninja costume and masked her face.

However, the destiny came. She was defeated and tied up. She was slowly tortured by tight bondage until died. At her last moment, she said:

You put me in this way. What do you want?

Painful, stop this. Why is my body fluid overflowing? I am being tied up much and much tightly. Ah! ah... (her final lament)

Do you still remember today?

Do you still remember today? You wore black bodystocking and masked with black veil. You might have had a moment of hesitation but finally decided to accept the fatal mission.

Undoubtedly, you had been killed. Your enemies put off your veil and played your body. This is the destiny you have already known. Yet you have no regret at all. I still remember.