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She was a female spy agent. She fully encased herself with black pantyhose. She thought no one could find her. Unfortunately she was wrong and her enemies was killing her under spotlight.

Let it go, let me die

A female assassin dressed up with black pantyhose, bodystocking and veil. She knew the counterpart was a hero but she must obey her lord. She must commit the mission and the ending was unavoidable.


The cyber attack by malware Wannacry has impacted the whole world. Many organizations have been resolving the problem but no hacker has been found so far. Investigation with close international cooperation is needed to trace the hacker.

Is she just probably a lady wearing black pantyhose in front of a computer?

White under Black

A female assassin was a white nice beauty before starting her mission. When it starts, she wears black pantyhose to cover all her white skins, even wears black veil to cover her white face. She devotes her life to the mission. When she loses the mission, she loses her life. No body leaves, but the body becomes her enemy's supper.

Before masking herself, did she know her ending?

Black and White

A female assassin wears black bodystocking because she wants to hide herself. What if she was exposed in snowfield? Poor fool.

Best Companion

Black pantyhose is the best companion of female assassins. Therefore, they always wear black pantyhose once they decide to devote their lives to the destiny. A HK reporter was surprised that a Vietnamese lady went hiking with black pantyhose. Don't they forget the female assassin who assassinated the elder brother of North Korea's leader came from Vietnam?

Bloody Battles

Battles are cruel. No one is exception from death in a battle, even if you dress nice or is born as blonde beauty.

Here were two female assassins. One was a sniper. She wore black suit and black pantyhose. She hid herself in a building with her gun. Yet the enemies had already located her and arrested her in lightning pace. At last her secret hole was sucked by guns and shot till death. The other who wore black bodystocking ran swiftly in a battlefield. She locked her enemy by handcuffs but he somehow unlocked and threw her down on the ground. Finally her body became his dessert as long as she was being choked.