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No more evil

A warrior in the late Edo period was called Saito Hajime 斎藤一. He defended for Edo regime in the late Edo period and turned into a civil officer in Meiji period. What remained unchanged was his philosophy. It was to Slay Evil Immediately 悪即斬. The evil destroys our society, why can we accept any evil, even less evil?

The kunoichi who wore black pantyhose with red suit and veil tried to assassin the hero by her Kunai but was finally slayed off by his sword.

Pursuit of Weath

There is a Chinese idiom that human beings die in pursuit of wealth and birds die in pursuit of food 人為財死 鳥為食亡. The female commercial spy agent got fatal shot during mission. Her body was being played by the officer, while her hand still tightly held the stolen cash.

Skywalker and Nine Songs

The animation industry has been dominated by Japanese and American producers, but it does not mean no production from other countries. Chinese producers keep manufacturing better and better quality. One of the recent famous works is called The Legend of Qin 秦時明月. The same producer makes another great work called Skywalker and Nine Songs 天行九歌. They were both produced in 3D animations.

In the story of Skywalker and Nine Songs, there was a girl called Jade 弄玉. She was a pianist in daytime. At night, she dressed up with black sheer bodystocking and black gloves. She masked her face by black veil. She was trained a female assassin. At her first attack, her wrist with glove was held by an enemy and her body was fell on the floor. Finally she was subdued like a lamb. How would the enemy treat this prey?