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Glitch Strikers

A game called Glitch Strikers was created for those who love 8 bit video games. The story began with a bighead looking for heroes to join his game (or mission). One target was a female ninja. She was well taught and ran fast. Yet she couldn't escape from his sight. She surrendered and followed his lead.

Kunoichi: Yes, I'm your slave. I obey, my Lord.

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Greed is NOT Good

Today's breaking news must say "Donald Tsang: Hong Kong former leader sentenced to 20 months". Someone says he was greedy but someone says his crime was unavoidable. What an excuse. When a cat burglar who wore black pantyhose and black veil said her burglary was avoidable, say due to her poverty, what should a policeman respond?

Policeman: I shot you. Sorry, it's avoidable.


Some readers were curious why a nurse turned to be a female assassin. Although she was executed, she left her memory to disclose how she dressed with black suit and black veil.

Screw Piledriver

Screw Piledriver is a famous move of some wrestlers. The move is powerful and fatal to Kunoichi The wrestler attempts to grab a Kunoichi; if successful, he holds her upside down by the waist, then leaps into the air in a sitting position with her head between his legs. Spinning rapidly, he slams her headfirst into the ground for massive damage.

The only way for the female ninja to escape is to absorb all of the enemy's power before heading to the ground. How probably can she survive? Ninety nine point nine nine nine ... or more to death.

Black and White

She wore in white in daytime, while she dressed up with black bodysuit and black veil at night. She was a female assassin. At last she was arrested by a security guard and locked up to prepare for being tortured.

Movie Review: Akechi Kunoichi Ninpo Gaiden


Fortunate Knock

A Chinese myth claims fortune coming first when a red thing knocks to one's head. This is called Fortunate Knock 鴻運當頭.

However, this myth was not held to this lady. She was a female assassin. Before she picked up a derringer under her black suit, she was shot to head by a bodyguard. She had no fortune at all.