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Fiction: Just shot in time

I sneaked into a startup company in order to steal its secret business plan. I dressed up like an office lady. I wore a white shirt and a black skirt with very nice black pantyhose and heels. To hide my identity, I masked myself with a black veil.

When I almost touched the secret document, suddenly the office light turned on and a guy stood in front of me. Then I was shot in head right off. I had no chance to load my pistol at all.

Crush down this female spy! The world shows no compassion to me.

Execution Grounds

"You must kill me on Execution Grounds 一定會在刑場處決我的。" said a female assassin.

Being a female assassin tightly wearing black veil and black bodysuit in a sexy manner, she must be sentenced to death by dismemberment after she was arrested. The kind of execution included chelie (車裂; quartering the prisoner alive), zhan (斬; waist chop), and sha (殺; beheading).

Masked Assassins

Being a female assassin, she devoted her life to the lord, masked her beauty and showed shape of her body. How much do you know her through her eyes?

The female assassin was about to succeed but was eventually stabbed by an enemy. She did not manage to accept her failure and fell down. At last, her veil was unmasked and her body with black bodysuit was played to death by enemies.


Amazons are female warriors fighting in jungles. Jungle rule is dead or alive every second. If she is unmasked, she loses and will die.

Banzai charge

A banzai charge バンザイ突撃 is a kind of human wave attacks. When a female ninja who dresses up with black bodystocking and black veil receives a mission, she must go forward for the mission, even though enemies in front of her are much stronger than her. There is no point of return. Cry out BANZAI!

Female Spy Army

Some document mentioned that an individual female ninja was easily defeated by typical security guards, so they should form a team to commit a mission together. This was the same to female spy agents in a military group. They dress up with black pantyhose and black suit, kneel down to accept an order from a commander. Then they proceed and fight for their mission until death.

Farewell my face

When a female ninja starts to dress black pantyhose and black suit, and mask her face with black veil, she knows she is doing farewell to her face. Her only destiny is to sacrifice her life for her mission and her body becomes a torture toy of her enemy as cruel revenge.

To be executed

When a female ninja or a female spy failed her mission and was arrested, she must be executed due to her evil.


Tied up and Shot


Spy in bondage

A female spy who wears black pantyhose utilizes her beauty and people's compassion to commit her mission. Once she is arrested by those who is cheated beforehand, those guys must cruelly torture her step by step before execution. First of all, tie her up!

Walk in the dark

A female spy dressed with black suit and black pantyhose. She thought no one found her in the dark. The pantyhose let her run fast. Unfortunately she was uncovered, struggled with pantyhose moves and was finally strangled to death. Her body was thrown away. This is the certain end of a female spy.


Her name is Little Six. She pretended to be a slave girl working in a noble manor but she was actually a female spy agent. She dressed black tight suit and masked herself by black veil at night. Could she still survive in her next mission?

I have decided

When a female ninja picks up black veil, she understands this is a point of no return. For the mission, for Kunoichi's destiny, they decide, to die.

Round 1, FIGHT!

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Death is preservation of a female assassin.

Destiny of Kunoichi

Masuda Chiho 増田千穂 looked like a typical girl but she was actually a female ninja. She used to wear black bodystocking under her clothes.

One day, she got a mission. Being a Kunoichi, she did not reject any mission request, even if she had to sacrificed her life. She dressed up ninja costume and masked her face.

However, the destiny came. She was defeated and tied up. She was slowly tortured by tight bondage until died. At her last moment, she said:

You put me in this way. What do you want?

Painful, stop this. Why is my body fluid overflowing? I am being tied up much and much tightly. Ah! ah... (her final lament)

Do you still remember today?

Do you still remember today? You wore black bodystocking and masked with black veil. You might have had a moment of hesitation but finally decided to accept the fatal mission.

Undoubtedly, you had been killed. Your enemies put off your veil and played your body. This is the destiny you have already known. Yet you have no regret at all. I still remember.


She was a female spy agent. She fully encased herself with black pantyhose. She thought no one could find her. Unfortunately she was wrong and her enemies was killing her under spotlight.

Let it go, let me die

A female assassin dressed up with black pantyhose, bodystocking and veil. She knew the counterpart was a hero but she must obey her lord. She must commit the mission and the ending was unavoidable.


The cyber attack by malware Wannacry has impacted the whole world. Many organizations have been resolving the problem but no hacker has been found so far. Investigation with close international cooperation is needed to trace the hacker.

Is she just probably a lady wearing black pantyhose in front of a computer?

White under Black

A female assassin was a white nice beauty before starting her mission. When it starts, she wears black pantyhose to cover all her white skins, even wears black veil to cover her white face. She devotes her life to the mission. When she loses the mission, she loses her life. No body leaves, but the body becomes her enemy's supper.

Before masking herself, did she know her ending?

Black and White

A female assassin wears black bodystocking because she wants to hide herself. What if she was exposed in snowfield? Poor fool.

Best Companion

Black pantyhose is the best companion of female assassins. Therefore, they always wear black pantyhose once they decide to devote their lives to the destiny. A HK reporter was surprised that a Vietnamese lady went hiking with black pantyhose. Don't they forget the female assassin who assassinated the elder brother of North Korea's leader came from Vietnam?

Bloody Battles

Battles are cruel. No one is exception from death in a battle, even if you dress nice or is born as blonde beauty.

Here were two female assassins. One was a sniper. She wore black suit and black pantyhose. She hid herself in a building with her gun. Yet the enemies had already located her and arrested her in lightning pace. At last her secret hole was sucked by guns and shot till death. The other who wore black bodystocking ran swiftly in a battlefield. She locked her enemy by handcuffs but he somehow unlocked and threw her down on the ground. Finally her body became his dessert as long as she was being choked.

The world is of no sympathy.

Once a female spy agent puts her black pantyhose on, as she understands, the world will show no sympathy to her if she fails her mission. A failed agent must be killed and her body was thrown as rubbish. Only the black pantyhose is always her best companion.

The world has no sympathy to her, on the other hand, she has no fear to the world in return. This is Kunoichi Spirit!

Dress up

Before a mission starts, a female ninja must dress up well, especially for a young Kunoichi like Aska. One of costume is nylon body stocking. This is easily damaged, so she always buys it. Thanking eCommerce, she can buy it easily from an eCommerce website.

Nylon suit:
Nylon gloves:
Typical suit:
Typical pants:
Leisure shoes:

No more evil

A warrior in the late Edo period was called Saito Hajime 斎藤一. He defended for Edo regime in the late Edo period and turned into a civil officer in Meiji period. What remained unchanged was his philosophy. It was to Slay Evil Immediately 悪即斬. The evil destroys our society, why can we accept any evil, even less evil?

The kunoichi who wore black pantyhose with red suit and veil tried to assassin the hero by her Kunai but was finally slayed off by his sword.

Pursuit of Weath

There is a Chinese idiom that human beings die in pursuit of wealth and birds die in pursuit of food 人為財死 鳥為食亡. The female commercial spy agent got fatal shot during mission. Her body was being played by the officer, while her hand still tightly held the stolen cash.

Skywalker and Nine Songs

The animation industry has been dominated by Japanese and American producers, but it does not mean no production from other countries. Chinese producers keep manufacturing better and better quality. One of the recent famous works is called The Legend of Qin 秦時明月. The same producer makes another great work called Skywalker and Nine Songs 天行九歌. They were both produced in 3D animations.

In the story of Skywalker and Nine Songs, there was a girl called Jade 弄玉. She was a pianist in daytime. At night, she dressed up with black sheer bodystocking and black gloves. She masked her face by black veil. She was trained a female assassin. At her first attack, her wrist with glove was held by an enemy and her body was fell on the floor. Finally she was subdued like a lamb. How would the enemy treat this prey?

Glitch Strikers

A game called Glitch Strikers was created for those who love 8 bit video games. The story began with a bighead looking for heroes to join his game (or mission). One target was a female ninja. She was well taught and ran fast. Yet she couldn't escape from his sight. She surrendered and followed his lead.

Kunoichi: Yes, I'm your slave. I obey, my Lord.

Do you appreciate this game? Please vote for it in Steam Greenlight.

Greed is NOT Good

Today's breaking news must say "Donald Tsang: Hong Kong former leader sentenced to 20 months". Someone says he was greedy but someone says his crime was unavoidable. What an excuse. When a cat burglar who wore black pantyhose and black veil said her burglary was avoidable, say due to her poverty, what should a policeman respond?

Policeman: I shot you. Sorry, it's avoidable.


Some readers were curious why a nurse turned to be a female assassin. Although she was executed, she left her memory to disclose how she dressed with black suit and black veil.

Screw Piledriver

Screw Piledriver is a famous move of some wrestlers. The move is powerful and fatal to Kunoichi The wrestler attempts to grab a Kunoichi; if successful, he holds her upside down by the waist, then leaps into the air in a sitting position with her head between his legs. Spinning rapidly, he slams her headfirst into the ground for massive damage.

The only way for the female ninja to escape is to absorb all of the enemy's power before heading to the ground. How probably can she survive? Ninety nine point nine nine nine ... or more to death.

Black and White

She wore in white in daytime, while she dressed up with black bodysuit and black veil at night. She was a female assassin. At last she was arrested by a security guard and locked up to prepare for being tortured.

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