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Be Myself

To be myself, I executed black bodystocking;
To be myself, I executed a mission;
To be myself, I was executed.

Strike Back

The female ninja wearing black bodystocking was arrested and trapped. In order to commit her mission, she thought of a strike back plan. After being tortured to almost dead, she pretended to lose movement. Suddenly she struck back and tried to attack her enemy's neck. Unfortunately her enemy defensed well and failed her plan. Finally her body was thrust by her enemy and felt sorry about her failure.

Face Off




Untypical Life

She was a typical office lady. She did routine works everyday. Such life was boring. One day she got a magic and transformed to be a female ninja wearing black bodystocking and black mask. She could sneak into a restricted area to steal confidential document. It was exciting until she was arrested. Her enemies caught her, damaged her body and tortured her till unconsciousness. Finally her body was torn apart into pieces under spotlight. Such life was untypical, exciting but short. Was that what she had wanted?

Jewelry Burglar