Be killed and unmasked

She was a female assassin. She wore black bodystocking and red dress. She looked back with sunglasses. She tried to hide herself by a hat, unfortunately she was killed as her weapon had already been uncovered.

She was a female ninja. She wore black bodystocking. She showed her last smile before masked herself. She was uncovered by an enemy and cut to death. The most assaulting action was to unmask her veil.


Anonymous said…
which movie ,especially, the second one
Anonymous said…
It should be the recent Kunoichi spy movie
Anonymous said…
The girl in the second post with the tight shiny bodystocking looks really hot. Could you share the source please?
Anonymous said…
Mr. Kunoichi terminator, could you tell us what is the second movie? (The girl with 3 pictures of bodystocking) Thanks very much. Peace
Anonymous said…
Hey buddy, could you share the source of the girl in the bodystocking? It seems everyone wants to know too, thanks alot man.

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