Sino-Japanese War Anniversary

Happy Chinese New Year.

According to Chinese calendar, this new year is Jia Wu 甲午 by Chinese Sexagenary Cycle 天干地支. The cycle completes every 60 years. In previous two cycles, First Sino-Japanese War 甲午戰爭 broke out. And the war started hatred between the two nations.

Since the new prime minister of Japan has turned to more aggressive on both economy and politics, the conflict between China and Japan has become larger. Some American critics said the risk of war between them in this year was very high.

What would the result be if a war broke out again? Was a hero born in China and ready for defeating Japanese ninja?

By the way, one thing is sure that every Kunoichi wearing black bodystocking and veil has prepared to die for her country.


王新瑜 said…
where can I find this photo scene??
Anonymous said…
The scene is great. What is the name of the film? Thanks!

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