Death with Honor

When a female spy is being killed in a mission, she will find an extreme orgasm. This is because she wears black stocking for the honor of the assignment.

Wearing light black pantyhose, she felt confident. But the enemy was too strong. Finally her death body became an education model.

Taking off her glasses, you know her satisfication.

Although her bodystocking was made by high technology, she could not escape from death.

She was arrested, tortured and executed.

This was her final assignment. And she got free together with black stocking.


Anonymous said…
Buddy, can I know where you get the 3rd pic? The bodystocking spy. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Chris Corner
Spy's Make The Best Necro
Anonymous said…
where I can find the video Chris Corner
Spy's Make The Best Necro?
Anonymous said…
May I please know which movie is the second pic from?

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