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Catch Me If You Can

Human being admires Power; women admire powerful men. This is a rule of the nature. Unfortunately the trend is that men (I should say Boys) become weaker than women. If so, how can woman reply on them?

The skillful female assassins were arrested by their powerful enemies. That was not what they had believed. Each female assassin admired the man who caught her on hand, tried to struggled but failed. She was waiting him to unmask her veil, and to finish her!

Dream of Butterfly

A philosopher said he dreamed of being a butterfly. What if the butterfly were a female assassin? The articles Veil Formula and Please kill me have mentioned the beautiful Kunoichi - Yumechou 夢蝶. To celebrate Thanksgiving Day, let us review the female ninja with black veil!
and see how she was killed...

Knockout with Veil

In addition to the female ninja in Die and Diet, one more Kunoichi kept wearing black veil after being knocked out.

Before she went death, she could see the last sight of the hero. She was fortunate.

Training in Water

A female ninja should fight in any situation, so training is important. After she dresses up bodystocking, how can you catch her in water? Let us see how a Kunoichi show her beauty in water:

Source: Really Wet

Fiction: 出櫃



Military Drill

Kunoichi becomes an icon of Japan. In the recent joint military drill of American Force and Japanese Force, Kunoichin joined and showed off.