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Running In The Sun

The power should run in the sun, according to a Chinese government leader; a female ninja should run in the dark, otherwise she will be easily executed.

A killer girl was introduced in a previous article. Yet the girl does not look quite nice because she misses black veil and bodystocking. I found someone else looked like her but dressed up much professionally.

Both Kunoichi shared the same destiny - EXECUTION. Who run in the dark and die in the sun are certainly Kunoichi. But who else too?

Credential Loss

The video about Iranian Female Ninja has been hit for weeks. The philosophy of Ninja should be promoted out of Japan too. More Kunoichi is much wonderful. I love them. However, one of the great mass media described them as female assassins. The report was certainly unreliable. The media is losing its credential. Source: Iran suspends Reuters over female ninjas headlineIran Female Ninjas Suing Reuters For Defamation, Says Iranian State TV

Torture Burglars

The female burglars were finally arrested. No one gives any compassion to those who violate the law. The gentleman is now torturing them.

Has she felt sorry about any bad thing she did? Sorry, too late.

Source: 錦榮玩 SM  JC警鐘胸受難

據了解,飾演兩位性感女飛賊是被媒體稱為“警鐘胸”超級嫩模的 Jessica.C和日本最新人氣偶像池間晶子。... 穿緊身皮衫皮褲,四肢及胸部都被繩綑綁兼吊起來,而身穿白色緊身背心的錦榮,則不時揮動他強勁的雙臂,用力拉繩,兩女則發出痛苦呻吟 ...

Commercial Agent

Most girls dream of wearing pretty suits when they grow up. There are only splendid lives in their minds but they never understand how much they should sacrifice.

The female spy in the picture prepared her mission, entered the enemy's office and tried to steal confidential information. However, she never knows that is her final mission. All except black stocking will be gone once she fails.

Monster Parents

If you ask parents why they push their daughters to absorb so much knowledge, they would reply you that they should be equipped for better tomorrow.

What is The Better Tomorrow?

To be married with a tycoon. To be Fucked by an old man?

To be a professional. To be Fucked by clients?

To be a government officer. To be Fucked by the people?

The parents work so hard to prepare their daughters to be fucked by others. I see~