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Occupy Central

Can this female spy defeat the youth who are occupying Central?

Most Beautiful in Central
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The female spy who wore black stocking was entering the financial institute. And a man behind her was staring at her legs. Why?


Origin of Pantyhose

Origin of Pantyhose & Why Women Shave Their Legs
by psychetruth

Fatal Love

Infernal Affairs 無間道 and Lust Caution 色戒 are two famous Chinese movies about spies. On the other hand, I found the similar plot from the pornographic movie which has released more than a decade. The movie is called Fatal Love 危情

The movie was led by the most handsome male star Michael Wong 王敏德, who always acts as a police in movies.

The story was that the policewoman was assigned to become a undercover to detect a tycoon. Finally the tycoon discovered her identity and finished her by alcohol and drugs.

Someone said 90s was the golden era of Hong Kong. Even HK pornographic movies at that moment were so outstanding.

Stocking in University


名為「唇帥派對」的情人節派對由樹仁大學輔導及心理學系、工商管理系及社會學系合辦,於前晚在銅鑼灣一樓上酒吧包場舉行,規定男生必須穿恤衫出席,入場費$220,女生則規定要穿絲襪,入場費$190。本報記者混入派對,甫到場即獲派岡本超薄柔軟安全套一個及 The Body Shop紅石榴緊膚精華素試用裝一包。


岡本發言人曾先生回應時證實,有樹仁學生要求岡本贊助舉行派對,而岡本一向致力推動安全性行為,故今次贊助了 200個安全套。

The university party requires female participants wearing stocking. If it is claimed as pornographic trend, how about wearing Black Stocking at office? Is bank lady a kind of prostitute?

Live Fast Die Young

Two sisters, Kim and Jill ran away for their home and school. They escaped to the city, where they encased themselves by pantyhose and became criminals and jewelry thieves. Finally the pantyhose robbers were shot to death by the police when when they tried to rob a jewelry shop. (faked episode)

Source: Live Fast Die Young

Fiction: Samsara Punishment

This is a story about a female assassin who wore black veil, black bodystocking and black pantyhose.

Source: Battle Blaze