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Bondage Doll

The following passage is captured from Missed SM Video - Chapter 9 - Bondage Doll 懐かしのSMビデオ劇場第9回「被虐の女戦士 1、2」.


"Universal Talent" seems that an institute for training idols. However, its actual body is an evil organization to attract young ladies to there, train them to be slaves and send them to the overseas.


In order to crash down such organization, three sisters form a group of female warriors. According to the leader, in order to grasp the organization's actual body and the evidence, they sneak into the organization. Then, the second sister (Noguchi) approaches the venue, takes pictures of the evidence. However, when she tries her best to take pictures, she is found by the enemies. And she starts to be tortured f…

Die on your hand

She was a female spy. Finally she was uncovered by her enemy, who had been her lover. At that moment, "I have no regret at all if I die on your hand." she said.

Why do female ninja ask her enemies "Please kill me"? Perhaps it is because the mankind worships the strength. She realizes she is a loser in front of the stronger man. She is waiting to be conquered and to be held tightly with the warm body.

11:11:11, Nov 11, 2011

What are you doing at 11:11:11, Nov 11, 2011?

the Female Spy intruding International Finance Centre...

Professional Killer Girl

Kuriyama Chiaki 栗山千明 is a famous killer girl because of Kill Bill. She acted as a killed Female Ninja in Azumi 2 Death or Love.

She is so professional to show a little bit of evil atmosphere under her naive face.