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Japanese: Kunoichi and I

Source: Introduction to MNL


How I have known that Female Ninja is called as Kunoichi is from the NHK costume drama which is called Japanese Cavern King.


At this moment, it is widely known that KUNOICHI is the jargon by dissolving the Chinese character WOMAN; but at that moment for me, it was a very fresh and impressing word which I have memorized.


In fact, the actual female ninja is certainly not the same as that Kunoichi. However, the image of Kunoichi has been already in my mind very well.


Nowadays Kunoichi indispensably exist in exotic costume dramas.


Why? This must be because we accept their non-sense appearances.


No need to have any prove.


Comparing those things, exotic and weird ninja magic are just insignificant th…

Tearing Apart By Five Horses

One of the Chinese punishments is called Tearing Apart By Five Horses 五馬分屍

When the punishment is applied to a female ninja, the female ninja's five parts (i.e. arms, legs and head) will be tied up by ropes being held by five horses. The horses run and the female ninja's body will be torn apart.

The name of the punishment has become a common Curse Word.