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Prettier Than You

When one wears black bodystocking, the one will become the most attractive.

Were you attracted by the black bodystocking? Let us see how the one danced:

But I have to disclose that the one is MALE!

If you want to wear the black bodystocking to become much prettier, you can go shopping here - TAOBAO.

Torture Hints

How could we make a female spy disclose her confidential information? Here is an example:

First, don't unmask her. Secondly, torture her to the extent she could not suffer and almost die. Thirdly, unmask her and leave her a chance of live.

This way is not only effective to female spies but also the usual method of the regime of totalarism. Can you follow me?


Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is so-called the second top education institute in Hong Kong. It is reported that its recent orientation camp asked candidates to wear stocking to become Rainbow Warriors.

Oh my god, although you got the nylon power, you are MALE! What disgusting!

Actually CUHK is famous to teach Japanese. Why don't you ask student to become female ninja next time?

Proxy Server Request

Request 1: I need a video proxy server so that we can view the mainland video streaming sites outside the mainland China.

Request 2: A fan needs a video proxy server so that he can view the site of the previous post outside HK.

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