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Hong Kong Government has executed the Rule of Law and the Democracy by passing the replacement mechanism 替補機制 .

What should a Hong Kong citizen do in the First of July? Certainly Go to Protest!

Another Masked Heroine

A Masked Heroine never feels lonely, as there is not only a masked heroine. Here is the blog of another masked heroine: 蒙面女侠的博客


Illinois man attacked by ninjas on his way to meet ex-girlfriend for sex

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Although Katherine M. Casarez got a wonderful power once she became a female ninja, she received the destiny of a Kunoichi, i.e. sacrificed. I don't know how cruel the police could torture such a sexy ninja in the station.


When you enter a luxury restaurant, what is the dressing code of ladies? Black suit and black stocking.

In the beginning of the gourmet program Admiral Feast 2, the female hosts who wore black stocking accompanied the famous chef.

By the way, what is the relationship between James Bond and Gourmet?

Die and Diet

It seems quite sexy when a female assassin wearing black veil says "Please Kill Me". What do you think about when she keeps wearing black veil after being killed?

What is the result of keeping masked when they are killed? Since their mouths were covered by veil, according to Samsara, they would fall into Preta (Hungry Ghost) Domain. They could not eat anything and suffered from being hungry.

I am afraid that most HK girls were masked female assassins. This is because they wear black stocking and keep dieting all days. 餓鬼だな!

Most Beautiful in Central

Sex and Money are always closely related. The Finance section of Apple Daily 蘋果日報 shows the most beautiful girl of a day in Central 中環我至靚 everyday. Certainly female spies who wear black stocking could not escape from the camera of the press.

Who will be the next?

If you have any shot of beautiful girls in Central, please send it to with your English Full name, Bank name and Bank account number. HK$100 will be rewarded if your picture is used.

Naked Killer

If I do not mentioned Naked Killer 赤裸羔羊, I may be blamed as not a professional female ninja scholar. However, it has been a very famous HK movie worldwide, what is the point of introducing the movie again?

A female assassin was arrested by her enemy in his swimming pool and ...

Although both Naked Killer and Naked Weapon were both produced by Jing Wong, the latter is worse because the female assassins do not wear black stocking in the movie. Too bad!

What can you do for Money?

What can you do for Money?

Will you wear black bodystocking to steal money?


Will you wear black bodystocking to give money to the poor?

Perhaps the culture of female ninja has spread very well in HK and some people want to become a Kunoichi to help people. Now there is one. She called herself as Bauhinia Heroine or Hong Kong Flower 紫荊俠. She asked the public to join her together to donate money to the poor. It is wonderful, isn't it?

But before all, will she ask us to wear black nylon before the charity?


Source: 香港都捲英雄熱 熟女變身「紫荊俠」