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Evil Governor

The game series Evil Governor 悪代官 was introduced in this blog. The new episode CR 悪代官 was just released a few months ago.

Certainly Kunoichi is one of the game's enemy. Torturing her to death is a level of the game. Learnt from previous episode, factors of the Kunoichi character selection includes whether she looks beautiful and that she should wear black bodystocking.

How do you rate this female ninja?

Kunoichi's Blog: 相沢まきのブログの巻


The female ninja appeared in the 4th episode of Peacemaker 新撰組Peacemaker. Who is she?

She is Akesato 明里, a famous Geisha in the history. Oh, the author has selected the beautiful woman to become a Kunoichi. Well done. She is sexier when she wears a ninja uniform than when she wears Kimono, isn't she?

Source: 新撰組 PEACE MAKER