Sunday, March 27, 2011


An Australian education video told me that when you dive into the sea with jelly fish, you should better dress up with nylon bodystocking to prevent from getting hurt.

It is a very good idea to wear bodystocking to dive into cold water. The feeling is amazing, isn't it?

Why did I say so? Since I found that some female spies wore black pantyhose when they dived in some very old movies.

British actress Janette Scott in a sexy scubagirl scene in 1965 from the "Amos Burke: Secret Agent" TV series.

The 1963 UK comedy film "Petticoat Pirates" where the scubagirls take control of a royal navy ship.

Female spies always wear the black stocking and black gloves, even they dive into the cold water ... and even die in the blood sea.

Source: The Aqua Bank

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