Genghis Khan

The online game Genghis Khan 2 mentioned that Genghis Khan 成吉思汗 was killed by a female assassin, who was a princess of Tangut Empire 西夏. The female assassin was covered by a mask and wore tight bodysuit.

Why could people imagine in such way? I am afraid that someone was confused with Attila, the King of Hun and was killed by a female assassin according to the legend.

Who care whether it is a story or the fact? Don't you feel excited to unmask a female assasin? Go ahead!

Once more, there is a campaign of Fatal Beauty 殺戮美人, i.e. a vote of the most beautiful girl who can act as the masked female assassin.

Office Website: 成吉思汗2
HK Website: 成吉思汗II


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