Fukushima 50

I devote my 300th article to the most respectful Fukushima 50. I pray for all the best wishes to them as well as Japan.

Unlike typical American heroes, Fukushima 50 do not disclose their names to the public. No one knows who they are. They keep their identities as the secret and go ahead to commit the fatal mission. I can say that is the Spirit of Ninja. What is the Spirit of Ninja? One of Fukushima 50's reply can explain it:

I feel it's my MISSION to help

Each of them knows that he is stepping on the way of must-die. Likewise, every female ninja knows that she will die for any fatal mission. In addition, the warriors in both cases must suffer from a long time of pain before death. The result is horrible, but they still go.

Once I think at this point, I drop my tear...

This was a great Kunoichi. After she completed her mission and successfully destroyed her enemies' plan, the angry enemies arrested her. They did not kill her immediately, they decided to make her suffer from unimaginable pain.

She was put off clothes by the enemies but remained the only black bodystocking. She was tied up by rope and the rope would become much tightened gradually. Her veil was put off too but remained her horsetail hair of Kunoichi style.

Look at her face. She bowed her head. "It's my honor to accept, so I have no reget", she was likely thinking.



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