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Work in Central

A post from the famous forum Hong Kong Golden asked whether a worker would become higher class if she worked in Central, HK. One of the replies said that women who works in Central wear more expensive black stocking. By this point, you should know how high class they are.


Central is known as the heart of International Financial Centre. There are many female spies in that region. They wear black stocking everyday for their financial missions. They could make big money if success but die if failure. The world is cruel, isn't it?

A female spy spent a lot of salary on her brilliant black stocking

A designer called Alpinek has created a story of how a female spy failed her mission and was executed by her enemy.

Wedding Banquet

I attended a friend's wedding banquet last Friday. When I looked at her on the stage with her husband, the scene reminded me a famous passage which was written by a Form 5 student.

Title: 記一次你在酒樓出席喜宴的所見所聞
Author: 李奇軍

Comments: 此乃反面教材,同學切勿模仿,反之引以為戒。會考時作這樣的文章,是自尋死路,切記切記。

Last Seconds of Female Assassin

As we all know, if a female assassin fails her mission, she will be killed by very cruel method. She should bear it in mind when she put up her black bodystocking. She should have no regret at all.

Let us see from how cruel and painful feeling the female assassin suffered before she died:

Trailer: Gi Jorge fucks and ass fucks catwoman

Red Mouth

Today is the third day of Chinese New Year. This day is so-called Red Mouth. This is because according to Chinese myth, people have easily got conflict by talking this day.

How can we shut our mouths up? We should wear ninja masks.

Defeating a silent Kunoichi is a very difficult task.

New Year Wonder


I watched a music award performed by Korean. It seems a copy of Japanese KouHakuUtaGassen 紅白歌合戦. After that, I finally realized how Japanese fear Korean invasion (in culture).

Let Wonder Girls show their wonder: