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Golden 80s

80s is so-called the golden era of Hong Kong. Have you missed ever the best thing of 80s?

By the way, I just missed a quite good ninja video which was released in 1984 (Murakami's 1Q84?). It is called Sexy Timetrip Ninjas.

First, the director is not careless. He is Yojiro Takita, Academy Award Winner! Second, the video was selected 2010 San Francisco Another Hole In the Head Film Festival.

What a surprise!

Shall We Dance


There are some parties around New Year. Because of promotions in media, dance becomes more popular and people would like to dance in parties. The trend causes better sales on dancing dresses. A kind of dancing dresses is bodystocking. From hand to foot, the whole female body is covered by black nylon. How sexy it is, isn't it?

Let's how beautiful she comes when a woman is covered by nylon tightly:

Let's dance like a Kunoichi

Source: 児玉麻里子とShall We Dance?