Torture Mode

Recently the media reported a lot about the Russian female spy Anna Chapman. It was surprising the public because the real female spy is as beautiful and attractive as movie stars.

Being CIA agents, however, they are not surprised. They know their responsibilities to prevent from anyone damaging the nation. No beauty is an exception. Arresting and torturing beautiful spies is just their typical job. They have no compassion to the beautiful spies.

There are two modes of torture. One is the immediate mode; the other is the lasting mode.

Immediate Mode: the female spy is suffering from the great pain.

Lasting Mode: the female spy is being threatened by the clocking bomb.

On the other hand, when a female spy has worn the black bodystocking, she understands that one day she would be arrested and tortured by enemies. She would suffer from the greatest pain but could not leak out any secret of the country to which she is loyal.


宇宙人 said…
I recall that, ironically, I didn't read this spy news from English or Chinese media, but Japanese.

oh, 露西亞
Oh man, you are really international!

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