Ichiban No Kunoichi

If you asked me which is the first video of female ninja I watched, I would say Dark Heroine Muk Lanfa.

She is not a Kunoichi, you may say. No, she isn't. She is a heroine instead of kunoichi. However, her dressing has well defined the image of a female ninja: Black mask, black veil, black suit, black skirt, black gloves, black stocking/pantyhose, black high heels.

What's more, the character role was played by the ever most beautiful actress agreed by a large age range of audience. She is called Angie Chiu 趙雅芝. What's wonderful, she was later married with the main male character of the drama.

How amazing is the drama. And no one can play the amazing role again.


Thanks for your sharing. Both images are nice too.

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