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Ichiban No Kunoichi

If you asked me which is the first video of female ninja I watched, I would say Dark Heroine Muk Lanfa.

She is not a Kunoichi, you may say. No, she isn't. She is a heroine instead of kunoichi. However, her dressing has well defined the image of a female ninja: Black mask, black veil, black suit, black skirt, black gloves, black stocking/pantyhose, black high heels.

What's more, the character role was played by the ever most beautiful actress agreed by a large age range of audience. She is called Angie Chiu 趙雅芝. What's wonderful, she was later married with the main male character of the drama.

How amazing is the drama. And no one can play the amazing role again.

Anna Chapman

My friend Cosmoman said that he knew the female spy in a Japanese media. OK, let me share a Japanese news at 「ロシアの驚くほど美しい女スパイ」魅惑の動画像が米国中を席巻

Two female spies were tortured to Heaven; A strong force was assigned to the point of the female spies by pulling the rope up to the ceiling until the female spies could not suffer from the terrible pain and disclosed the secret.

Torture Mode

Recently the media reported a lot about the Russian female spy Anna Chapman. It was surprising the public because the real female spy is as beautiful and attractive as movie stars.

Being CIA agents, however, they are not surprised. They know their responsibilities to prevent from anyone damaging the nation. No beauty is an exception. Arresting and torturing beautiful spies is just their typical job. They have no compassion to the beautiful spies.

There are two modes of torture. One is the immediate mode; the other is the lasting mode.

Immediate Mode: the female spy is suffering from the great pain.

Lasting Mode: the female spy is being threatened by the clocking bomb.

On the other hand, when a female spy has worn the black bodystocking, she understands that one day she would be arrested and tortured by enemies. She would suffer from the greatest pain but could not leak out any secret of the country to which she is loyal.


The hero grabbed the female ninja, inserted through her black nylon to hook her vagina up, turned her upside-down, and dropped into a kneeling position, driving the kunoichi head-first into the ground in order to break her neck.

I think that the Piledriver is the best move to punish those who betrayed the democracy. Join the match on 1st of July!