La Blue Girl

Someone asked me why I have not mentioned the famous ninja hentai anime called La Blue Girl 淫獣学園. (Actually I mentioned the main character at Ninja Chick.)

My reason is that I do not appreciate the anime and even the movie series. I think the series were schoolgirl based rather than ninja girl based. If you are fetish about schoolgirls, it may be your cup of tea, but not mine.

Anyway, in the first episode of the movie La Blue Girl: Revenge Of The Sex Demon King, there are some shots favorite for me:

The movie is the only one I like amongst the series.

Reference: TENTACLE LOVE @ bigOfeature


Anticbtis7 said…
Can I ask you, what do you think of Hinata Hyuuga? She is my favorite kunoichi.
Could you post any picture, please?

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