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Dream Home

Hong Kong creators are full of creativity. They know how to combine the social reality with the blood and death. The crazy property price is as fatal as the Female Assassin...

By the way, I love Edison!

PraJun Lai Payak

How wonderful Thai TV dramas are. As well as Rook Kard and Rahut Logun, there is a TV drama with a masked female ninja. It is called PraJun Lai Payak. Thai: พระจันทร์ลาย พยัคฆ์

Have RED-SHIRT leaders ever thought of utilizing their local female assassins to support their protests to restore the democracy?

The blog of the Kunoichi: Immaculate Yui

However, the destiny of a female ninja is to be cruelly killed. Thai Kunoichi is no exception. See how she was crying before the mission and how she looked regretful after being killed:

Waterfront Promenade

This is a Derivative work from Sheer Tracie [Catalog Number: vdo-66-0068 by FullScreenClips and].

投銀殺意 V - 送別國亮

今天有一位同僚要離開, 所以我和羅拔邀約他到一間平日只會與尊貴客人聚餐的餐廳, 為他送別.

"十分感激候活與羅拔你倆... 邀請我來到多麼華麗的地方吃飯啊!"國亮一進入餐廰便露出驚訝的神情. "如果不是你們邀請, 我恐怕一世子也來不到這裡呢."

"怎會呢? 你另謀高就, 一定會前程錦繡."我客套地回應, 心想倒是認同他的話. 國亮跟我們做管理層或者做前線的不同, 他是資訊科技部門的, 雖然學歷奇高, 但是行內一向不重視他們, 只視他們為奴隸, 薪酬跟行內一般員工的相差一大距離. 我們曾經打趣說: 假如真的落實某議員所提倡每一小時二十元的最低工資, 第一類"受惠"的人恐怕是他們了.

"既然來到, 便要盡情享受吧!"羅拔點了一樽法國波爾多1997年的紅酒.

"可以認識到兩位, 真是我畢生的榮幸."國亮期期艾艾地說. 我看著他戴著那副老土沒品味的黑框眼鏡, 再看著他邊說話邊吞口水的樣子, 真是想發笑. 不過他立功的那一次, 給我看到他沒有戴眼鏡的樣子, 其實他是一個帥哥. 我們也是因為那一次才認識的. 沒辦法, 他做他那一行, 註定一輩子是那個樣子吧.

國亮喝了半杯紅酒, 便臉紅耳赤了. 相反, 羅拔正好杯中物, 喝完了一杯, 又替國亮斟了一整杯, 弄得國亮醉得要除下眼鏡.

"話說回來, 第一次看見你沒戴眼鏡的帥樣子, 就是那一次."我說.

"是呀, 是呀, 那一次... 那一次是我畢生難忘."國亮真的開始醉了, 好像要說些說不完的話.

"對呀... 那一天真得不好意思, 我不小心入了那一間房間, 又把自己反鎖在內裡."

"不, 那房間每天五時至八時是自動關上的."我解釋.

"我看見那間房間內裡的電腦, 倒是認為每天都會有同事進入那間房間, 所以惟有呆等第二天吧."

"真是辛苦你了. 那間房間的空調蠻強的."我說.

"我們做資訊科技的經常出入數據中心, 倒是習慣."國亮一邊說, 一邊把一整杯的酒喝掉了."本來想就躺在地上睡覺算了, 沒想到中途睡醒了, 又聽到外面有些聲音, 所以起身等待有人開門. 豈料我從門鎖孔中看到思穎.&q…

Three Ups

Where you fell down, where you have to stand UP.
You never lose if you never give UP.
Be the champion, cheer yourself UP.

She was a female spy who wore black stocking. She was arrested by the enemies and was raped in cycle. She did not enjoy her mission and felt painful. Finally she gave up and betrayed her master. She was certainly executed to death after the enemies had collected her confidential information. She could no longer stand up again.

Be a slave for the whole life

She was a female ninja. However, she was not Japanese. She was Korean.

When one betrayed her nation, she betrayed her own soul and became a slave of her enemies.

Reference: Chuno / The Slave Hunters

RMB fights

When a woman puts up black stocking, she is ready to FIGHT...

Kung Fu Catfights
Reign of the Tiger Princess Part 2

Black Widow

If Russian authority has learnt from Japan that a female ninja is a fatal weapon, they might have escaped from the bomb attack by this girl: Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova.