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Invitation from Fantastic Stories

The 90s of the last century is the golden era of Hentai Games. Not only the amount of HGAME was large but also the categories of HGAME was various. HGAME in that era used to including many types of game including Mahjong, Puzzles, IQ questions, Shooting, etc. Many HGAMEs are the classics of DOS Games.

(the female assassin was executed in Invitation from Fantastic Stories 3 愛之物語, the famous Hentai Game by Active 天堂鳥)

As described in Echoes Of The Rainbow 歲月神偷, our past was full of creation and passion that we cannot find in the world of foolishness and laziness.

The Next King

Her name is Kaede. She was a female ninja who tried to assassinate the prince. Fortunate to the country, she failed and was arrested. Finally her bodystocking was torn apart and killed by the most painful method. There is no compassion left for a failed Kunoichi.

Introduction of GUARDIAN

Bodycheck by Name

You can check your body ability by inputting your name at とある名前の身体検査.

Here is my information:

身体検査の結果、女忍殺 さんの能力は、

能力名: 風力砲 ( エアロガン )
Level 3


Sa... what kind of Ninja Magic is it?

Webpage Game

Online application games and flash games are popular and quite common. Compared to them, HTML games look too simple. However, some people still like to play them and there are some developers for such kind of games. Here is an example about how students join a class of becoming female ninja.

Game: くノ一症候群