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See through Her Eyes

When you meet a female ninja like those in this article, how do you know what she is thinking?

If you can see woman's heart through her eyes, she can only become your slave.

Fatal Legs

Why does a Kunoichi wear black stocking? Make it FATAL!

A female ninja kicking against men

A female thief fighting against another

A female spy being killed by a police

Chinese Ninja

The above Female Ninja are excellent, ain't they? They wear high heals, black stocking and splendid Kimono. In addition, they are very lovely and beautiful. Perfect Kunoichi are they. However...

They have come from the mainland China!!! Can Chinese women be loyal? Can they suffer from any torture and death? Can they sacrifice anything for an assigned mission? I doubt.

Their group is named as 桜組 or Sakura Group. What does Sakura mean? It is the same as Ohka in Chinese character. Ohka is a weapon of Suicide Attack used in World War II. Can the Chinese Kunoichi implement their group name? I doubt.

Thai Ninja Magic

Many people flocked to travel to Thailand to learn Thai Boxing. Thai Boxing becomes a stylish activity.

Have you ever heard Thai Ninja Magic or Tai Ninjitsu? I haven't either. Here are some clips of showing how Thai Kunoichi, who wear black veil, fight.

The videos are from the drama series called Rook Kard.