Photo Album of Beautiful Councilor

Have you ever imagined that a female councilor published her own photo album? No? yet it is really true. In Japan, a female councilor published her own photo album to promote her city. Her name is Fujikawa Yuri 藤川優里 @ Hachinohe City 八戸市.

News: 美人すぎる八戸市議藤川ゆり、水着に!!
Album: 藤川ゆり写真集 moe navi 八戸 (大型本)
Blog: いちご煮日記

Now you know why Japan is one of the strongest nations in the world as a result of the congress full of female ninja. Yes, the councilor is definitely a female ninja 女忍者 too. She is smart, she is pretty and she is brave. These characters are what a Kunoichi くノ一 requires to commit missions.

On the other hand, there is a town in which residents called it as International City but they are still arguing the definition of Enkou 援交. How stupid are they; how dark is the future of the town.


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