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There were politicians, e.g. Koike Yuriko 小池百合子, to fight for the election as if Kunoichi fought against enemies three years ago.

This year, there is an AV actress who acted as a female ninja to fight for Tokyo Prefectural Election 東京都議選. Her name is Goto Mai 後藤麻衣.

She is the main character (the purple female ninja) of the movie Kunoichi Ninpoden くノ一忍法伝 封印の掟 ~女淫愛残抄~.


宇宙人 said…
I really would love to see we have KUNOICHI to kill all the government dogs in HK legislative council. Having them disappeared, HK will have a better future.
Anticbtis7 said…
Not only HK, but Mexico too!

Also, I think I am falling in love with Hinata Hyuuga.
What you said is called Tenchu. Let's execute Tenchu Plan and execute bad politicians by Kunoichi~

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