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Death better than Living


As you see, the female ninja smiled when she was dying.


Poem about Female Assassin

Because of a poem which is written by a PRC officer appreciating the death of victims of 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, people have copied the style of the poem and modified to describe about other disasters. An example is the case that a corrupted officer raped a girl but was finally assassinated by the girl.

The content:




Raped before Execution

You will find many Iranian who like Ninja in the Internet. The practice of Iranians is quite similar to ninja, i.e. wearing veil.

Report: Iranian Militias Marry, Rape Virgin Prisoners Before Executions by

However, the above custom is different from that of Ninja. A female ninja will be mass raped before execution, no matter whether she is virgin or not. Certainly a Kunoichi has become not virgin before she has graduated because using a sex as a fatal weapon is one of the Kunoichi course.

In addition, some Iranians will give a virgin prisoner Hypnotic Drug so that she will not feel painful and frightened. In contrast, the executor will make a Kunoichi feel very painful. The more painful and cruel the rape, the more successful the execution.

Although their actions, i.e. Rape before Execution, are the same but the mindsets are different. The Iranian law has protected virgin girls from death sentence, so they do to override the law; while a lost female ninja should be destroyed wi…

Become an Assembly member

There were politicians, e.g. Koike Yuriko 小池百合子, to fight for the election as if Kunoichi fought against enemies three years ago.

This year, there is an AV actress who acted as a female ninja to fight for Tokyo Prefectural Election 東京都議選. Her name is Goto Mai 後藤麻衣.

She is the main character (the purple female ninja) of the movie Kunoichi Ninpoden くノ一忍法伝 封印の掟 ~女淫愛残抄~.

Legend of the Devil

Movie Name: Legend of the Devil 修羅之介斬魔剣 妖魔伝説
Director: Tsushima Masaru 津島勝

It is the story that a group of girls who wanted to collect the treasure decided to wear black nylon to become female ninja and fought against enemies.

Kunoichi were killed by a faked Samurai and Ninja in a Theatre.

Mr. Tsushima was also the director of Kunoichi Ninpocho series くノ一忍法帖シリーズ, therefore the same style of kunoichi clothes and thin black stocking were found in the movie.

The zoom shot of the legs of the dead female ninja who dressed thin black stocking is excellent, isn't it?