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Black and White Again

I asked a question in the article at Black and White. What is the name of the TV program where a Kunoichi wears bodystocking.

Finally I found the answer. The TV program is called Wind 風 by TBS during 1967-1968. The actress is called Tsuchida Sanae 土田早苗 and the character's name is Kagari かがり.

See detail at here

Catch Me If You Can

The website awards this blog as Catch Me If You Can. Yes, a female ninja is so fast as the wind and so powerful that enemies escape from her at once.

Comment Analysis:
捕風捉影: Ninja is a shadow
土牛木馬: Ninja uses weapons
量體裁衣: Ninja wears bodystocking
望風而遁: Ninja scares you