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Aerobic exercise

Since a female ninja always fights with powerful enemies, she should keep herself more powerful too. Therefore you will see many Kunoichi doing aerobic exercises and wear aerobic tight and black stocking in TV:

Diocesan Boys' School

I have heard a post that makes me angry: Naked Modal in Diocesan Boys' School

Many people in the society objected. I did too. My reason was that naked women are not the most beautiful. The most beautiful is the woman who wears black bodystocking. In the other words, the best is Kunoichi!

The principal said: "What is the age today? Why do you feel strange? It is a very typical Art lesson. Don't make up with pornography and arts." Yes, I totally agree.

An art teacher objected this method because she thought students were too young. Is a naked body dirty? What is the relationship between the age of drawers and how many clothes the modal wears? There are also some naked women and sex organs in the chapter of Reproduction of Biology textbooks, should we cut them all in HKCEE?

An education councilor said that HK was a conservative city and students could not afford such open method. He also suggested to use a doll as the alternative. Oh my god, HK is being destroyed by such a …

In addition to Ninja Code

In addition to the ninja code, ninja are also required to study Kanji, more complicated items.

There are some news about Kanji recently.
The mainland will return to use Traditional Kanji Taiwan is using.
Young ninja do not know how to read some Kanji.
Ninja leader who always read Kanji wrongly makes Kanji books become the best sellers.