After Big Battle

Happy Chinese New Year!

After the big battle mentioned before (War of Three Giants and New Comer), the result is obvious.

1. 三姉妹vs女剣士 くノ一凌辱秘奥義外伝 by 笠倉出版社
The Best and Excellent Work, although the scene of the female knight killing female ninja looked quite easy. The female ninjas should be killed cruelly and die obviously with loud.

2. くノ一拷問凌辱4 掟を超えた友情 by アタッカーズ
Excellent Work as well, although there was no death scene and the story did not sound completed. The final scene with less bodystocking was also another disadvantage.

3. 女忍ねずみ小僧討魔伝 ~女帝淀君の陰謀~ by 宇宙企画
Excellent Work as well. Completed Story and Great Special Effect. It will be better if all Kunoichi wear bodystocking (one wore only stocking).

4. カリビアンコムくノ一シリーズ by カリビアンコム
Good. Simple story. The first and the fourth episode had no bodystocking. There was no death scene. Therefore, the company should improve in the above mentioned fields.


Anonymous said…
Hello, can you recommend how to get these movies? Unfortunately, I cannot read Japanese.
You try to recognize icons on Japanese websites if you do not know Japanese. You can only buy Japanese DVDs in Japanese websites.

DMM is the most popular. The URL is

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