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Classics in New Era

Obama inauguration represents the coming of the New Era. Yahoo!

Although the new era has come, I still think of the gold era in the past. Why? This is the human behavior.

Miyuki Komatsu by KU-NO-ICHI Ninjya
Uploaded by tonden
Sample of Kunoichi Ninpocho, the classic of female ninja movies

The full movie of Kunoichi Ninpocho くノ一忍法帖

Hong Kong Budget 2009 - 2010

After I read the title of Hong Kong Budget 2009 - 2010's Request For Suggestions as Tomorrow, Today's Future 明日 今日的未來, I know the government has been internally invaded by female ninja. Why?

明日 and 今日 are not standard Chinese words but Cantonese or Japanese, while 的 is standard Chinese word. The sentence pattern does not sound like Chinese but Japanese. It seems translated from 明日(あした)は今日(きょう)の未来(みらい)だ.

This issue does show not only the failure of Native Language as the Medium of Instruction, but also that of Native Language as the Official Language. This is no wonder that Secretary for Education Michael Suen suggests Fine-tuning of medium of instruction policy.