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Death of Iijima Ai

死後数日が経過、外傷なく病死の可能性も 飯島愛さん

At the Silent Night, the ex-famous AV idol Iijima Ai 飯島愛, who had been an outstanding student, then became a famous AV idol but finally quit the circle because of disease, died.

The world changes, the fate changes.

New Comer

Xmas is cold but a hot season for the Kunoichi AV battle!

In addition to the original giants, カリビアンコム Caribbeancom has boosted up its gear and will release a series of four episodes of Female Ninja videos.

カリビアンコムくノ一シリーズ will be released on 28 Dec, 4 Jan, 11 Jan and 18 Jan respectively.

Fight Until Death

The trend of Japanese Female Assassins' Dressing as Bodystocking has been blowed to Hollywood.

See how she fought and lost.

The Female Assassin who wore black bodystocking was good that the man planned to catch her.

Dragon Ball Live Action Movie Protest

The friend Anticbtis7 asked us to support the protest against the live movie of DRAGON BALL. Although I have no comment about the movie, I still think that the live movie will be quite weired and somehow awful. Let us read the protest statement - Dragon Ball Live Action Movie Protest

If the hero tortures and finishes this Kunoichi, I might consider my position again.