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Please kill me

When a female assassin failed under her lover, she would ask him to finish her immediately. The words "Please kill me." from her veil sounds so sexy, don't they?

When a banker sold wrong services to her clients, has she ever said so? Unfortunately, she doesn't.

Finish Her

In the world of Mortal Kombat, losers will be terminated bloody and cruelly. What was her feeling when the female ninja was being finished?

Finish Her by ~hugodeathy on deviantART

She looked relaxed. Yes, she could do nothing else at that moment. Ah~ (a bloodcurdling scream from the Kunoichi)

War of Three Giants

It is surprised that three giants appear in the Kunoichi AV market. In the following months, three large AV producers will publish Female Ninja AV movies as their brand mass works.

1. 三姉妹vs女剣士 くノ一凌辱秘奥義外伝 by 笠倉出版社

Kasakura has been the king of AV market after it released about 10 Kunoichi AV movies. It should keep producing high qualified Kunoichi movies to remain its market position.

2. くノ一拷問凌辱4 掟を超えた友情 by アタッカーズ

This is the fourth release of Attackers' Kunoichi AV series. Although it is not a new comer, their results were not satisfied. The company has made changes (e.g. all female ninja wear bodystocking finally) in this release. The changes demonstrate its determination to fight back.

3. 女忍ねずみ小僧討魔伝 ~女帝淀君の陰謀~ by 宇宙企画

Uchu is a new comer of Kunoichi AV market. This new challenger's work also have female ninja with bodystocking. This action shows that the market of Kunoichi is significantly profitable.

Who will win? Who will be fired? Who will be the next Apprentice of Kunoichi Movi…


Whatever the media is, VHS, VCD, DVD or Online Streaming, this has been the classic of Kunoichi movie. This is well-known as Bondage Chronicles 緊縛忍法帖 くノ一狩り .