Three Deers

Ninja use ninja codes, which contain Chinese characters. Chinese characters are, however, encrypted codes themselves.

Chinese toxic dairy products spread over the world recently. It is believed that the source was a well-known Chinese firm called San Lu Group 三鹿集團.

San Lu means 3 deers. Three characters of deer can combine a single character 麤. This character is the original character 粗, which does not only mean thick but also mean coarse, rough and low quality.

The meaning of the combined character comes from how Chinese interpreted deers. Deers run very fast, so they are supposed to be strong 粗壯. Yet they are more difficult to be tamed, so they are supposed to be rude 粗野 and easily out of control. Therefore three characters of deer combine to be such bad meaning.

Haha, the brand has already told you that "I am bad."


Anonymous said…
Yes, the spelling was wrong. I correct them. Thanks a lot.

Perhaps I drank Chinese milk too much and my brain has been damaged. Y.Y

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