Nylon is well known as the best partner of thieves because of the following advantages:
1. Nylon can transform your face so that no one can recognize you.
2. Nylon can hold any piece of your bodies including hairs and dead skin so that no one can collect your DNA.
3. Nylon can keep your body temperature so that you feel cool in a hot environment while you feel warm in a cold environment.

Apparently the robbery is considered as the easiest job of female ninja. This is because the robber is at the active position while the security guard is at the passive position. Yet a Kunoichi robber should be also careful during mission.

The above Kunoichi was assigned to steal the secret but the defensive guard discovered her. After a series of serious fights, the Kunoichi was defeated and arrested. The Kunoichi was tied up and tortured. Finally she was drown to death.

As the saying goes, any failure is fatal!


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