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Release Now

As mentioned in ふんどし美少女美術館・別館, we have been looking forward to the latest episode of Female Ninja series published by Kasakura 笠倉出版社 for very long time 待ちに待ってたやっと出た!and the episode is finally released today.

Since the 9th Kunoichi episode has been released, it is the time to review all episodes by Kasakura:
TitleRelease DateComment姫君監禁くノ一地獄唄20 Jun 2003Good Start淫術くノ一忍法帖19 Nov 2004Good Trial淫忍術VS唐人剣 くノ一妖魔外伝25 Nov 2005Great Improvement三姉妹監禁くノ一淫魔伝説16 Dec 2005Great Improvementくノ一戦国美勇伝19 May 2006Excellentあいか 女剣士VSくノ一 星崎あいか17 Oct 2006Average伊賀VS甲賀 くノ一戦勇記29 Jun 2007Excellentくノ一戦勇記II30 Nov 2007Average必殺!くノ一仕置忍法帖30 May 2008Excellent

Congratulation for the achievement of Kasakura! We look forward to appreciating much great works done by Kasakura in near future.

Rapid Attack

Many movies exaggerated the effect of Rapid Attack. It seems the symbol of smart military Strategists. In fact, only a rapid attack with comprehensive planning can bring brilliant success, otherwise any reckless attack is a disaster.

Successful Attack: One warrior terminated three female ninjas.

Failed Attack: Three Kunoichi were executed by the well-prepared defensive force.

The above pictures were enhanced from the original works (up, down) of 刃狂介 (Mr. Yaiba Kyousuke?) published in Gore Gore Mask and Midnight Ladies respectively.


Nylon is well known as the best partner of thieves because of the following advantages:
1. Nylon can transform your face so that no one can recognize you.
2. Nylon can hold any piece of your bodies including hairs and dead skin so that no one can collect your DNA.
3. Nylon can keep your body temperature so that you feel cool in a hot environment while you feel warm in a cold environment.

Apparently the robbery is considered as the easiest job of female ninja. This is because the robber is at the active position while the security guard is at the passive position. Yet a Kunoichi robber should be also careful during mission.

The above Kunoichi was assigned to steal the secret but the defensive guard discovered her. After a series of serious fights, the Kunoichi was defeated and arrested. The Kunoichi was tied up and tortured. Finally she was drown to death.

As the saying goes, any failure is fatal!

Covert cops hit by leaks

As mentioned, any failure in spying is fatal. "A spate of data leaks has extended to undercover police operations, with the names of agents now believed to be available online." reported The Standard. I don't know why how the police force was so careless about their colleague lives. I am afraid that some female agents would be executed by trials in several coming weeks.

Please be seriously concerned with IT Security!

Any Failure

Any job of Kunoichi is dangerous and any failure is fatal, even though the job is as simply as monitoring or spying.

The original pictures (1,2) was created by ラストライダー (Mr. Last Rider?) in 2002 and published in Mr. MET's Midnight Ladies.

Story of Seven Heroes

Seven Samurai 七人の侍 by Akira Kurosawa 黒澤明 is known as the great Japanese movie and has affected the world eternally.

In DOS era, there is a PC game called Story of Seven Heroes 七英雄物語 with the same plot of Seven Samurai but different characters. One is a beautiful but poor female ninja called Shinobu シノブ.

Let's see how beautiful the Kunoichi was, how she was knocked out, how she was raped, how she died.

Kunoichi Army

Eight ninja beauties who wear black bodystockings and veils have formed the strongest army of Kunoichi. Could you challenge them?

Kunoichi Characters

キャラクター名ゲームタイトルあきラジカルシークエンス伊井 霞澄暴走!じゃすてぃす乙女GONE~過ぎ去りし日々~カエデガーディアン神楽 しのぶ凶拳伝説クレイジーナックル2かげろう48~図形の恋~加藤 蔵羅美少女麻雀バトルロマンスキリVMJAPAN霧島 影美ぷろすちゅーでんとGood見当 かなみ鬼畜王ランス甲賀 ひかる赤城山埋蔵金伝説(YESHG)紅蓮妖鬼討伐忍法帳雑賀 京 戦国美少女絵巻空を斬る!沙悟浄 蘭くのいち捕物帖猿飛 加乃  戦国美少女絵巻空を斬る!しのぶ七英雄物語しのぶ鬼畜王ランス白鷺いずみ戦国美少女絵巻空を斬る!鈴鹿ハーフムーンにかわるまで鈴夜闘神都市2瀬切 綾佳ロフティフォーム千羽 良子(紅)葵屋まっしぐらソミア・アルスタキャッスルファンタジア聖魔大戦なつラジカルシークエンス狭山 美紀ロフティフォーム平松 八重ロフティフォームフレイア・イズン鬼畜王ランスほたるGONE~過ぎ去りし日々~増田 千穂     V.G.,V.G.2まふゆ  ラジカルシークエンス御剣 一角(いづみ)とらいあんぐるハート百地 こころ戦国美少女絵巻空を斬る!ゆきGONE~過ぎ去りし日々~蘭妖鬼討伐忍法帳


I can not agree with the intelligence of webguys anymore.

=> 2x1x1+9-3
= 8


=> 1+6+1+0

= 8












=> 8-8-2008
=> Beijing Olympics

Kunoichi Magazine

Will you subscribe a magazine with a Kunoichi being a cover model?

Please vote for your favor of Lady Ninja:
1. Graduate
2. Model
3. Bride
4. Player

Review of Three Semesters

The time goes by quickly. The 4th semester has started. Let me review the key point of each chapter taught in the previous three semesters.

1. Basic Form: ... am/is/are ...
2. Adjective
3. Have Form: There is/are ... in ...
4. Negative Form of Adjective and Number
5. Verb and Time
6. Past Tense of Verb, Day, Family
7. Negative Verb, Date, Give, Think Form: ... think that ...
8. Te Form and Give
9. Continuous Tense and Age

International Worker's Day

The Kunoichi is revealing her identity. The picture shows how she wears the red veil and the black bodystocking immediately to become a lady ninja.

A female ninja is a worker, isn't it? Happy International Workers' Day!