Veil Formula

The Chinese Master defined the style of Female Assassins. They wear black veil and black suit. How mysterious they are.

Yet their stories seem the same, as if following a formula: Show, Fight and Lose, whenever it happened in the past, modern or contemporary.

There is a touching story of a female assassin, who was called Yumechou 夢蝶:

Any gentleman not touched by her word "I am willing to be killed by your sword."?


fargone said…
Hi Kunoichi Terminator,

Do you know which TV series or movies the 2nd and 3rd column pictures are scanned from. The 1st column I know - it is from Green Dragon Conspiracy!
The second is Phoenix Mysterious Shadow. The third one is Black Gun Colorful Arrow.
fargone said…
Can you post the chinese names please, so I may search for them in Yesasia. Thanks
You can search them at
Fargone said…
Thanks KT, you're a star

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