English: Bodystocking
Ninja Code: ボディーストッキング

Female ninjas with black stocking were being destroyed respectively:

Kunoichi Thina

Kunoichi Kitahara

Kunoichi Kasakura

3 Kunoichi

Kunoichi Student

Kunoichi Trainee 1

Kunoichi Trainee 2

Kunoichi Hyugayumi

Kunoichi Akiba Rino

Kunoichi Yasuda

Kunoichi Marina

Kunoichi Mochida Akane

Kunoichi Rei

Kunoichi Ituki

Kunoichi Anri

Destroy a Kunoichi

Kunoichi Gappa

Kunoichi Kuropan

Agent Scc

Kunoichi Tanaka

Kunoichi Marin

Masked Kunoichi being finished by an enemy

Kunoichi Mariko

Kunoichi Haduki

Kunoichi Moviz

Agent Noa

Agent Rio

Kunoichi Nakadashi

Kunoichi Riorio

Kunoichi Yuma

Kunoichi Miyu

Kunoichi Aya 2

Kunoichi Aya 3

Kunoichi Encasement

P Kunoichi Blog

Domain of Deuxsonic

X Kunoichi Files


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