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Kunoichi in Newspaper

For the comment of Cosmoman, here is the work:

Is it perfect?

Photo taken in Bakumatsu

Bakumatsu, the period followed by Modernized Meiji Era, is the intersection between the ancient and the modern of Japan. It was the last stage of Samurai and Ninja. For example, The Last Kunoichi くノ一幕末奇譚 talked about that period.

The time never comes back, yet photos can keep the images of the time. Someone developed a program called 幕末古写真ジェネレーター to transform an inputted picture into the one with Bakumatsu style.

Here is an example:

It looks like very old newspaper, doesn't it?

Cherry Blossom

April is the month of Spring. The Cherry blossoms everywhere in Japan. It is nice, isn't it?

A ninja is like a blossoming cherry. Bravo but instant. Falling cherry blossom never comes back. Let see how a ninja fought in WWII:

The Cockpit Part I
The Cockpit Part II
The Cockpit Part III


Miss Hong Kong

Miss Hong Kong, Suki Chui, became a Kunoichi in Japan. She recently hosted a TV show introducing Japanese foods. Does a girl eating a lot of Japanese foods always become a Kunoichi? If true, no wonder why so many HK girls wear black stocking.

Suicide and the Internet

According to researchers from the universities of Bristol, Oxford and Manchester, people searching the Web for information about suicide are more likely to find sites that encourage the act rather than offering help and support.

The findings published in the April 12 issue of BMJ

In order to prevent from suicide atmosphere, I suggest to promote Ninja Spirit. A kunoichi is not allowed to commit suicide, whatever of difficulty and challenges she faces.

For example, even she was raped by men thousand times, she never gives up. She will be patient and wait until an opportunity comes and she can destroy the enemies.

There are some news in HK about suicides of teens. What a pity. They might have not committed suicide if they had studied Ninja Spirit.

Ninja Festival


Iga Ninja Festival 2008
Date: 1st April 2008 - 6th May 2008
Venue: Ueno Park, Iga City, Japan

Have fun!

Veil Formula

The Chinese Master defined the style of Female Assassins. They wear black veil and black suit. How mysterious they are.

Yet their stories seem the same, as if following a formula: Show, Fight and Lose, whenever it happened in the past, modern or contemporary.

There is a touching story of a female assassin, who was called Yumechou 夢蝶:

Any gentleman not touched by her word "I am willing to be killed by your sword."?