Fatal Weapon

The following is the notice posted in HK somewhere:

I should announce to the public that I have suffered from AIDS. I found this disease after I separated from a girl with whom I made love half years before separation. When I gave her a phone call to inform my disease, she replied me that she suffered from AIDS too and spread it to you on purpose.

Since she was poor, she made boy friends one by one and spread AIDS to them. She made love with them so that her boy friends would give her money. She got the money to purchase expensive medicine against AIDS.

She told me that my disease is incessant and cut the phone call. Although we separated, I gave her more than 50,000 dollars.

Be careful, she always appears in discos, bars and clubs to make boy friends. In order to prevent the public suffering such terrible disease, I should announce her information:

Name: Ka Ka
Height: 5'8"
Residence: Hin King Estate
Office: Sha Tin

AIDS is a disease more terrible than death!

Do you know her? If she were a female ninja in the ancient Japan, she would have obtained the fatal weapon against powerful lords.


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