Why Nylon

Japan is a northern country. It is very cold in winter. In the ancient Japan, spies or ninja had to wear some very cold place to sniff confidential information. If their clothes were too thick, they had been easily discovered by enemies. If thin normal clothes, they were freeze by the extreme weather.

Experts pointed out that none of material could keep warm better than the air could. Thinker clothes you wear, thinker air layer you keep. Therefore you feel warm when you wear think clothes.

Alternatively, the nylon is material very thin but very effective to trap the air. The trapped air becomes an effective thermoisolator to keep heat under the nylon. If the nylon is black, the black color can absorb the heat radiation. Therefore black stocking can keep warm.

Thanks Wallace Carothers at DuPont for inventing the nylon, Kunoichi can wear black bodystocking to commit missions and Office Ladies can wear skirt with black stocking in freezing offices.

Thanks the fashion designer, black stocking is no longer the patent of women. Ladies and girls can enjoy it too. They can wear black stocking with white sport shoes.

The winter of this year is very cold, both Canada and China suffer from snow storm, so black Stocking is best sold again.


渣估 said…
When I was about ten, a boy in my class worn nylon stockings on an extremely cold day because his caring mother insisted so.

You can imagine how embarrassing he was after we found it all out.
What an interesting story, Boss Cha. How could you discover his secret?
Anticbtis7 said…
I find it terrible that some people think your blog is offensive and they have to tell you if you want to get in or not.

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