Natsumi Step

Please play the following video first:

(For better quality, please go to here.)

Happy? Pretty? Lovely? Relax?

Well... is there something strange within the video?

Before decrypting the video, please go to here first. When the video shows "End", please right click the animation and click "Play". Then you will know the secret.

Please watch the above video again, watch out some little signs within the video and think about the whole story.


Ok or not, here is the answer:

The girl was called Natsumi Andoh. One day her boyfriend asked for separation. She was very sad and killed her boyfriend by a steel lever.

At 11:36pm, 20th July, she stepped out on a train platform and committed suicide. Then her spirit went to a happy garden as shown in the beginning of the video. There was a sign looking like Death in Chinese character. This meant the garden was for dead people only.

In the middle of the video, the train came back and picked her up again. There was two signs at that moment. One was Ten59 and another is Gi59. When reading them in Japanese, the meaning were Heaven and Hell respectively. Since she involved in murdering and her death was caused by suicide, she was assigned to the Hell.

At the end, she was happy because of playing in the happy garden. She threw her boyfriend's gift to the sea and relaxed from the separation sadness. However, because of her sin, she was sent to the hell. She would suffer from eternal pain in the hell. This is her only destiny.


Anonymous said…

Wht a sad story.
Thanks for your sharing. Is it the secondary creation? Well, I still think the original animation was the best in quality.

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